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To Truly Help Others, You Have to Meet People Where They Reside

"You have to meet people where they are, and sometimes you have to leave them there"

-Iyanla Vanzant

In Awareness 

Whenever I speak about my Buddhist practice, I am careful to use language that clearly states my experience from my perspective. Not everyone embraces my belief system; not everyone has a definable belief system; not everyone believes. To have a lasting and profound impact on the lives of those who seek a path out of the chaos and crisis that impedes daily living, isn't it better to meet them where they reside? People can find their way to truth through different avenues or vehicles. Some folk might awaken to their validity by connecting to a pet, reading a book, meeting a stranger, connecting to nature, and so forth. The what and how regarding arrival matters, but it is more important that they arrived. For me, It is more pertinent to reach those who are suffering due to repression, violence, and various traumas by sharing the benefits derived from walking this path of Buddhism than to force them to observe my faith or belief system. If they are interested, they will ask.

Over the years, I realized that because I have found a spiritual practice, which enhances and uplifts my life, it does not mean everyone feels the same way. It is essential to practice awareness of your thoughts, words, and deeds as you interact and connect to others. As my friend Patience says, "when engaging others to help, it is best to stay neutral." You can speak about how your faith impacted your life, leading to your internal alignment and yet project neutrality when communicating that message to those who seek support. In other words, be conscious of taking ownership of your experience without pushing your 'faith journey' on others. One never knows how one's words or actions affect others, bringing unease to those seeking support. They might be uncomfortable and communicate this by suddenly becoming unavailable.

I believe that one should be aware of our intentions and be clear about our perspectives. If you are not conscious of how your interactions affect others, you might miss the opportunity to connect to those who seek help and support; you might come across as intolerable to those you want to help.

If a person is open and ready to move their lives forward grounded in their light and truth, they will do so based on unconditional love, support, and sincerity, not preaching. This approach is more authentic. It creates a connection that will last because you see the person as they are and not how you want them to appear, and they get that. If they are not ready and communicate that verbally or nonverbally, it is okay to walk away knowing you tried your best and that you planted a seed by merely engaging. You never know when the seed you planted might take root.

It is always best to let go and trust.

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