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Closure Means Closure

"In the spirit of the Alpha and the Omega, in the way the Alpha was the Omega, and vice versa, he knew the beginning was also the end—and that the end was just another beginning."

~Sol Luckman, Snooze: A Story of Awakening

There are times in our lives when moving on is the best decision. Not just moving on but making sure we keep going without looking back. Sometimes we can never repair a situation. 

In those moments, feelings of hopelessness or helplessness can pervade, but we must persist. An essential thing in life is to feel good and to be happy. Why cling to something or someone who negates that?

In the aftermath of a decision, which finalized a special relationship or friendship, we might doubt our actions. However, regurgitating the same old crisis is pointless. It is better to look forward and keep walking in that direction.

 In my life, I closed many relationships without looking back. Some of those moments were extremely painful. However, sometimes there are other considerations, which prolong an untenable situation. In times like these, one has to be creative in finding a palatable solution, but the goal should remain. It is not easy to break old habits and practices, but sometimes we have no choice.

Staying focused on forwarding momentum will allow eventual emergence in positive. Trying to fix a shattered relationship only deepens heartache. It is best to move on as soon as is feasible. Usually, we know when the jig is up, but we refuse to stop dancing. It is better to face the truth, accept and let your feet do the walking. Closure means just that.

Beating a dead horse will not bring it back to life. Release and find relief.