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Activism - Art - Authorship

☀Stay Safe and Protected in Your Light☀


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About The Project - ClarityIsJustSoHip!

ClarityIsJustSoHip! is an inspirational/motivational IG account created by Claire Jones, a Barbadian immigrant, domestic violence activist, and creative with a passion for writing, storytelling, speaking, and visual arts. It was designed to aid self-healing after a serious health diagnosis. Now in recovery, ClarityIsJustSoHip! allows her to share a little bit of the light she has in her life after much introspection and self-analysis. She hopes to inspire and motivate those who need a daily boost of positivity through her words and unique digital-paintings made from manipulating and editing her iPhone photography through various iPhone apps. The videos are created via the same process. Annemieke Christiaanse (@acpixl_miekske) edits some of the videos. Claire’s daughter, Amaranthia Sepia (@emobunnycomic), works on the website’s graphic design and editing of Claire’s Sun Angels. Claire calls these paintings “Sun Angels” because they're images inspired by the New Hampshire sun resulting from a spiritual healing experience she had during the early days of her health crisis.

Insta: @clarityisjustsohip     See other works and features


The ClarityIsJustSoHip! Concept: How to apply “Clarity, Awareness, Presence, Acceptance and Gratitude”

To get the most out of life, one must become clear. Once clarity about your current situation is established, awareness arises. When one becomes aware, this makes room for presence. Presence in the present moment then allows the life force to flow, and one is then ready to face the reality of one's life day by day with acceptance and gratitude.

When one allows life to flow genuinely, it becomes more natural, with consistent practice, to unravel the many issues that suppress and repress one's life. Once you begin to see that the daily application of this method helps you deal with life's ups and downs, you begin to feel confident no matter your life situation, and the realities of life are easier to accept.

Life will do what life will do, but when you bring clarity, awareness, presence, acceptance, and gratitude to all problematic areas of your life, you realize that everything is manageable because you operate from a peaceful core. This results in a feeling of freedom, no matter what life throws at you.

ClarityIsJustSoHip! When you realize all the above. “Clarity, Awareness, Presence, Acceptance and Gratitude” allows life to flow! ClarityIsJustSoHip! 

ClarityIsJustSoHip’s Mission

To create “THE SURVIVING SISTAS FUND” to empower marginalized women artists, young and old, who have difficulty acquiring support and funding. To inspire, motivate, and spread love and light to all those who seek optimism and hope in their lives via my writing, speaking engagements, and designs.

Mother and Daughter Finds Clarity Together

My daughter Amaranthia Sepia (meaning Eternal Brown Flower), diagnosed with high blood pressure at eight, fought to find a doctor who understood how the traumas from bullying and racism in school affected and infected her life. At age 21, she is now figuring out how to face GAD, agoraphobia, and PTSD caused by racial trauma. The project 'ClarityIsJustSoHip' is inspired by my journey to help my daughter navigate the many crises that consumed her young life during her teens. As a stay-at-home mother with a debilitating health issue and very few resources, I began to apply the concept of clarity, awareness, presence, acceptance, and gratitude. This concept helped her understand racism, sexism, classism, misogynoir and the importance of self-love, especially as a young Black woman. Helping her go after her dream as a comic artist, character designer, and Black mental health activist allowed me to see the possibility of my vision regarding helping marginalized women, young and old, realize their dreams.

"I attended kindergarten at Nishimachi School in Tokyo, Japan. During my time there, all of my senses were immersed in all aspects of Japanese life, including the culture, arts, history, and spiritualism. My time in Japan inspired me to create art in the form of comics. Life in Japan is foundational to all I create as an artist"

-Amaranthia Sepia

"I'm Proud of Who I am" The Pre-cursor Mother and Daughter Project to "ClarityIsJustSoHip!"

Amaranthia developed her first activist project in 2013. The anti-bullying project, titled “Do You Know Who I Am” was made after she experienced constant racial trauma from standing up for in a school system within a community that is less than 1% black. The school continuously covered up racist incidents perpetrated by students and teachers. “Do You Know Who I Am” was a guide on how to combat the rampant discrimination in the school. You can view the project below.

Unfortunately, when she was preparing to expand the project to various schools, a certain set of teachers rejected the project due to it highlighting the hidden rampant racism within the school environment. The project was suddenly cancelled and she was ostracized and ignored by both teachers and students. Eventually, she was homeschooled online because her physical and mental health were affected. We told her story to the superintendent and the school system paid for her computer. Shortly after she was diagnosed with the potential to develop Addison’s disease. Amaranthia developed agoraphobia, panic, and anxiety attacks, along with PTSD caused by racial trauma. After becoming homeschooled online in 2013, I took the initiative to curate local art shows titled “I’m Proud of Who I Am”, with the help of a local artist to help reclaim her confidence

Read her full story featured in indie mental health magazine, Allen & Houston.

Using Art Therapy to Heal: A Black Twenty-Year-Old's Experience with Racial Trauma

See more about our mother/daughter journey in the Black girl-led magazine, Ashé, developed by Fresno Black Girl Magic:

"Not Your Average Black Girls"

See her interviews and activist works

View our mother-daughter art project, "Curls and Curves"

About the Artist

“When any of us takes a stand, a model has been created to inspire the rest of us. In ways we would never guess, our smallest brave efforts---which may not even be particularly successful---have results that reach beyond us. A single deed of ours may become the stone someone else uses to start building a new foundation.”

- From Believing in Myself by Larsen and Hegarty 

Claire Jones is a mother, ambivert, poet, artist, and practicing Buddhist of 30 years. She graduated from Mount Holyoke College as a Frances Perkins Scholar in 1999. The program assists non-traditional women whose educations are discontinued due to various difficulties. Claire's journey to scholarship began during the early days in Barbados when she sought relief from the chaos of living in a domestic violence household. As she went out into the world, she experienced sexual assault and other forms of abuse. A high school dropout traumatized from ongoing crises, she determined to, one day, receive a college degree to aid women whose dreams never actualized due to violence and oppression. These crises stunted both she and her mother to self-actualize because of the violence in their home. Her mother's struggles inspired her to pursue a degree and to break the cycle of violence.

Claire accomplished her long-held goal of graduating from Mount Holyoke College as a Frances Perkins Scholar in May 1999. Named after Frances Perkins, the first US female Secretary of Labor, the program's purpose is to finance non-traditional women whose education stalled earlier. As a student at Mount Holyoke, Claire wrote Shaduhs uh Voodoo (One-Act Play, 'Out of Print'), a play based on her life and her brother's short, troubled life. Claire's brother died of AIDS at age 32. Claire received acknowledgment in USA Today's 1997 All-USA College Academic Third Team. The play won a James Baldwin Playwriting Prize in the 1997 Five College competition. She gained recognition in Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities 1996-98.

Determined to rise above the internalized psychological wounds and dramas, Claire published The Cleansing (Publish America, out of print), Turning 50 is a Bitch (Amazon Creative Space – Out of Print ) and a One-Act Play titled Shaduhs Uh Voodoo (One-Act Play, Canada). Unfortunately, because of hardships at home, she was unable to market the books effectively. Undaunted, Claire readjusted her vision plunging onward to publish articles at Goalcast, YOPP! A Social Justice Blog, Best Self, and on Thrive Global, to name a few. Her self-help book ClarityIsJustSoHip! Is in progress.

Claire's long-term goal is to help marginalized women of all ages build their self-esteem by accessing hidden talents. She is a recent member of The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV). Her memoir about her life experiences, Sista Survivor: An Immigrant’s Spiritual Journey to Legitimacy, is a work in progress. She is seeking a publisher, agent, and speaking opportunities.

Claire’s mission is to spread love and light through her writing, speaking, and art. Claire changed her life dramatically after being diagnosed with the potential to contract multiple myeloma, a rare blood cancer. This life-change inspired her to create @clarityisjustsohip on Instagram to aid in her healing in 2016. She has posted writings, commentary videos, and photo-paintings ever since. She decided to develop writing projects under her middle and married name Claire Jones due to Claire meaning ‘bright and clear.’

Claire currently resides in New Hampshire with her family and kitty cat Meena-Serenity.

Read Claire’s Statement