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Activism - Art - Authorship

☀Stay Safe and Protected in Your Light☀

See How People Have Been Affected by Our Message of Positivity, Healing, and Hope

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My Blackness Goes Before Me Spoken Word - Trigger Warning: N-word and B-word

I wrote this piece in the 90s. I decided to read it now because it expresses my feelings about the crisis we face as a community. It described how much the wound I carry from racism in this country has infected and affected my life as a Black immigrant woman in the USA.

Closure Means Closure - ClarityTalks

My Speaking Platform

I’m a recent member of The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV). My first speaking gig on Intimate Partner Violence was scheduled for April 2020 at the VA Medical Center, Manchester, NH, but the event canceled due to COVID-19.

Speaking to an audience of survivors has always been an aspiration of mine. To be able to share my journey from the trauma of childhood domestic violence to one of clarity, recovery, and healing by encouraging women who are trudging through that trauma is a life goal. To me, it’s crucial to tell this tale of perseverance because whenever I’m able to share my unusual and traumatic experiences from a place of empowerment and healing, it elevates and helps others. I’m currently working to incorporate Sista Survivor into my speeches by reading excerpts and sharing personal stories and life lessons related to Sista that discuss race, class, sexism, migrant issues and navigating trauma. I’m interested in virtual presentations/talks due to COVID-19 through organizations highlighting women’s rights and WOC’s issues, grassroots women-led collectives, and programs highlighting immigrant issues and domestic violence.

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