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A Sista Survivor’s Battle Cry:

 Sista Survivors Rise, Rise Above the Chaos

Excerpt from unpublished memoir Sista Survivor: An Immigrant’s Spiritual Journey to Legitimacy


"We rise" ~Maya Angelou

The well-known spiritual guide and teacher Eckhart Tolle once said, “Always say ‘yes’ to the present moment… Surrender to what is. Say ‘yes’ to life — and see how life starts suddenly to start working for you rather than against you.” No matter our backgrounds, we women survivors need to center our lives in clarity and presence to reclaim our lives.

To live, many women like myself have learned to survive first. Having lived a full, multi-faceted, and multicultural life amid numerous challenges, I came to believe that for women like myself to live stable and meaningful lives, we must instill clarity, awareness, presence, acceptance, and gratitude as a daily, consistent practice. In other words, for life to begin working for us, it is essential to unflinchingly ground ourselves from deep within our truths to determine a self-defined purpose. I know this because I came to embrace such a philosophy as a daily practice, and I am here to tell you that it works.

We women now face this pandemic as survivors starting at a disadvantage, how are we supposed to take charge and win in our daily lives? How can we live in a male-dominated world that is often violent and dismissive of our very essence? We have often had to take care of others above ourselves, frequently losing our autonomy. How do we find our footing back when we have entangled our lives with others for so long?

In these turbulent and unpredictable times, we stand at a crossroads. We have a window of opportunity regarding the pressing issues related to our sexual autonomy, to speak out, and to determine our paths forward as individuals empowered within our bodies and our sexual identities. We have a window of opportunity in our politics to fight for that long-overdue seat at the table. We have a window of opportunity to stand with our daughters as they forge on the day’s issues that impact their lives. We have a window of opportunity to take charge of our lives in every sphere.

We know we have problems in our politics and these problems are infiltrating every aspect of our society. How do women like me, who challenge the norms, are often seen as usurpers, as “losers,” how do we bring about change in a society that continually invalidates and undermines our very nature? I believe the only way we can bring about the change we desire is to find clarity, awareness, presence, acceptance, and gratitude. We must center and stabilize our lives first and then move from there.

To rise above these many embedded problems, I have found a way to get the most out of life. I believe one must strive to become consistently clear, aware, and present first. I learned firsthand that once these three fundamentals established, acceptance of one’s situation is achievable. After the battle to accept and take responsibility for your life in all its light and shadow, it is time to establish gratitude for you and all you have overcome. Following this path, along with a consistent and daily spiritual way that suits your life-circumstance, will allow your life to flow to a positive result.

When one allows life to flow naturally, it becomes more comfortable, with consistent practice, to unravel the many issues that suppress and repress one’s life situation. Once you begin to see the daily application of this method, helping you deal with life’s ups and downs, you begin to feel confident no matter your life condition. Life will do what life will do, but when you bring clarity, awareness, presence, acceptance, and gratitude to all problematic areas of your life, you realize that everything is manageable because you operate from a peaceful and steadfast core. This new way of being results in a feeling of freedom no matter what life throws at you. It is from this place that you can recreate and reclaim your life story.

I know many sister survivors like myself can relate to this struggle. Since life is unpredictable and male-focused, you have all experienced obstacles in some way or other as girls, young women, career women, mothers, wives, single women, single moms, grandmothers, and great grandmothers. Women like us have survived and taught our girls how to survive in this male-dominated society that negates people like us. Believe it or not, whether we knew it or not, it took the presence of mind and clarity of thought to get to here: women like us have grounded ourselves in awareness, clarity, presence, acceptance, and gratitude to make it to where we are now.

As a survivor of a plethora of traumas stemming from childhood domestic violence, I have awakened to a new life based upon these essential principles. This new way of being in the world allowed me to access who I am as a living being inhabiting the body of a Black, Caribbean woman who started with no financial inheritance. To me, living in this space means you are grounded and centered in who you are as a human, spiritual being, and a woman. I believe that when you understand the significance of these fundamentals and the power, they give you to surge forward when applied to your life, you will come to understand your purpose here on earth. Once you enter alignment with your goal, you feel a sense of freedom that allows you to fly. Focusing on a spiritual practice that suits you and your new lifestyle is the first step to maintaining awareness, clarity, presence, acceptance, and gratitude on a day to day basis. Discovering this new way of living is a personal journey best done in solitude. No person or thing or situation can hold you back once you tap into your truth.

Rise, Sista Survivors! let us unbox ourselves! Unpackage our lives! It is time to put aside our insecurities; to come into our own.

The time is now!

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