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Activism - Art - Authorship

☀Stay Safe and Protected in Your Light☀

Caribbean Black Surviving While Living in White Suburbia

Image is of me at Goree Island, Dakar, Senegal in 1998. 

This is the door of no return where Africans were stolen and taken into slavery.

"When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid." -Audre Lorde

View the spoken word: "Caribbean Black Living in White Suburbia"

This piece is personal. It expresses how my life was afflicted/affected by intolerance, ignorance and racism while living in "white surburbia" in the USA. The below excerpt from my unpublished memoir shares how I have come to terms with my 'Blackness/Caribbean-ness" to date.

Excerpt from SISTA SURVIVOR: An Immigrant's Spiritual Journey to Legitimacy:

As a survivor of a plethora of traumas stemming from childhood domestic violence, I have awakened to a new life based upon essential principles. This new way of being in the world allowed me to access who I am as a living being inhabiting the body of a Black, Caribbean woman who started with no financial inheritance. To me, living in this space means you are grounded and centered in who you are as a human, spiritual being, and a woman.  I believe that when you understand the significance of these fundamentals and the power, they give you to surge forward when applied to your life, you will come to understand your purpose here on earth. Once you enter alignment with your goal, you feel a sense of freedom that allows you to fly. Focusing on a spiritual practice that suits you and your new lifestyle is the first step to maintaining awareness, clarity, presence, acceptance, and gratitude on a day to day basis. Discovering this new way of living is a personal journey best done in solitude. No person or thing or situation can hold you back once you tap into your truth.

Living while Black and female requires one to be centered and rooted in clarity, awareness, presence, acceptance and gratitude. It took a serious illness to bring this realization to the fore. After a serious health diagnosis I revamped my life by taking a wrecking ball to all I no longer wanted or needed. On top of an illness, that required my full attention to recover and to heal, the weight was just to burdensome.

Running from my truth, no matter how painful it was to face, was no longer an option. The fact that I am a Black woman from the Caribbean with a heavily accented voice and a multi-faceted and multicultural experience made it difficult to meld with the white majority in my community. Try as I might I remained on the edges with my child. It is ironic that a serious illness became my savior, but there it is.

The above quote by Audre Lorde encapsulates my present thinking and life-condition. When I found the courage to stand in the center of the inferiority complex that imprisoned me for more than fifty years and declare my legitimacy as a Black, Caribbean woman to myself first and foremost, 'I' began to flow. Understanding that my karma followed me wherever I went; that there was no escape from the choices, good and bad, I made allowed me to take radical responsibility for all my life encompassed.

In doing so, I will no longer let racism, intolerance, bigotry or suggestions of illegitimacy determine my path.

Today I consciously walk in my light owning it as a proud, independent, Black woman who migrated from the Caribbean. No longer will I allow anyone to take my power. I finally know my worth and my truth. Nowadays, there is only truth and forward momentum

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"Today is the only day I have; if I am doing okay today, I am doing ok."—-Larsen and Hegarty

☀️Stay safe and protected in your light☀️